Valérie Lieko

Valérie Lieko

Hide and Seek PARIS-SXM or... Little lies can lead to huge suspense...




So, after publishing the French version, I'm very glad to announce the release of "Hide and Seek PARIS-SXM," my first novel in English.

I began writing it in October 2013, on a priceless antique desk on the Caribbean island of "Marie-Galante." I finished it in Saint Martin early in 2015. So you will understand why the book’s main character Victoria ventures around those two islands too...

American translator Galatea Maman produced this English version; her goal being for you, the reader, "to not to know that it's a translation." 




SXM, or Saint Martin, is the “Friendly Island,” where I live and find inspiration.

I hope you enjoy the book!







Dr. Victoria Gray is fed up with her humdrum life in cold, dreary Paris, so she sets out for a vacation on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. She is determined to create a new identity for herself...

After a radical makeover, she meets sailing instructor Massimo Baldini, the perfect mix of nonchalant Frenchman and hot-blooded Italian. But when he asks her for her "first and last name," she blurts out "Vicky, Vicky Golden."

And Massimo is actually an undercover agent! 

Little lies forcing them into a web of intrigue, adventures and experiences that change both their lives profoundly. For little lies can lead to huge suspense... 


"This novel is above all a fun read, a book you don’t want to put down, with exciting action and suspense, and emotions that ooze right out of the pages."


Valérie Lieko, Indie Author

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