Valérie Lieko

Valérie Lieko

Did you know about Lilou?


February 2016, on holiday in Guadeloupe…

Although short, my stay was filled with emotion and ended beautifully with the encounter of the lovely and now famous Lilou Macé!

What do you mean you don’t know her? That’s her in the center of our selfie:



Lilou Macé.png





Lilou was passing through Guadeloupe for a conference, and I had the chance to finally meet her when my friend Doc Gyneco (aka Michel Gualandi) hosted a wonderful evening party amongst co-creators!


Co-creators? Let me explain…  


Two years ago, I was embarking, with fierce determination, upon the writing of Hide and Seek Paris-SXM.

Yet this determination did not appear by magic; it was the result of a long process. One of the factors that led the penny to drop was the discovery of Lilou Macé and her web TV channel, strongly recommended by my dear Barbosa.

Lilou Macé is a woman bursting with positive energy and her show, full of punch (not the T-one!).


Click on the following link to discover Lilou’s uncommon web TV channel, and learn about the co-creators concept:


La Télé de Lilou (in French)


AND my dear Barbosa’s favorite video (a must-watch to laugh with abandon):


Dear co-creators, until the very next time!


Valérie Lieko



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